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Doctor Moskowitz,

I'm including this message on this sample website because I missed you folks on Friday 6/26/15, when I picked up my glasses.

To show my appreciation for the wonderful job, I have created a sample website that I can make available to you.

This is the "Home" page and there are two additional pages "Glasses" & "Procedures" please click on the words in the top navigation bar to view that page. NOTE: The reason the internet address is is due to the McKeesport Palisades management deciding to use another web service provider which made this domain name available for resale.

Because I own the domain name and Internet account I keep it active to provide sample websites for potential customers. I have checked with domain name availability for you and am happy to say that is currently available and would be the address of your Internet site unless you would prefer another name. 

Below is how the "Home" page would be formatted and every element in the page and site can be edited to suit your needs or preferences. Should you be interested in an internet website, I would create samples of pages using various templates with choices of fonts, colors, backgrounds, photos etc. Most folks are more than satisfied with my creativity and that creativity is based on the services and information supplied.

I'm 71 years old and and website administration, creation and design has been an interest of mine since I discovered the real Internet. The trend today is "Social Networking" but those venues often create more problems than they solve and why not? After all,  it's free! Anyone with an opinion can express it for what it's worth. Of course someone has to respond to all the friending, poking etc which can turn into a real waste of precious time and for some, a full time job if you really care about someone's latest life experience.

In any event, Doctor Moskowitz mentioned that any recommendation I would or could give to potential patients would be appreciated. I will do that simply as a thank you for the wonderful result of the doctor's expertise in my case. In addition, I can offer an Internet presence at a very reasonable price. 

Please keep in mind that the photos used here are stock images from the internet (except for the front page ad I designed for a little humor). Should we move forward with the website, actual images of equipment, staff, products etc. from your offices would be used in the creation of the website. Weather your desire is to grow your practice or provide convenient way to spread the word about your professional services or respond to patient questions etc.,  the Internet is here and is being used more and more by professional people and is something you should consider.

If interested, I can be reached at 412 678 2901 or e-mail to Should you not be interested please let me know so I can offer this site to another business or practice.

Thank You and Extra Thanks for the wonderful job on my vision problems and glasses.

Ed Wojdyla 

Please visit    to see a full website that I have created and administrate for the city of McKeesport's City Hall. Note: The glasses information on the city website pertains to low income/non insured folks and Lion's Club recycling programs.

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Barry G Moskowitz M. D. Eye ExamsEye Exams

Eye Physician and Surgeon - F. A. C. S.

 Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

American Board Of Ophthalmology

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